Why is my Mailbox OST not an Outlook data file?

Are you wondering how to fix my mailbox OST, not an Outlook data file? Then, here we have shared the reliable techniques to resolve this error by using manually and OST to PST Converter.

Microsoft Outlook application is the most widely used email application in corporate and personal needs. It stores all its mailbox data in two files OST and Outlook default PST data file.

OST is known for Offline Storage Table and it contains duplicate copies of the mailbox data in a local drive. It synchronizes automatically on your local drive when you configure Exchange Server, IMAP Account with Outlook.

If you are familiar with the stand of Microsoft then you already know that you can’t relink or open damaged OST files. But you can export it into PST format to easily access in any version of Outlook or any other account.

Reason for OST is not an Outlook data file

  • OST files may be physically corrupted due to hardware failures, abrupt system shutdowns, or other unexpected interruptions while the file is being accessed or modified.
  • If the synchronization process between the OST file and the Exchange Server is interrupted, the OST file may become inconsistent or corrupted.
  • Conflicts with third-party add-ins or plugins installed in Outlook can cause the application to misinterpret the OST file.
  • If Outlook or the computer shuts down unexpectedly while the OST file is open, the file may not close properly, leading to potential corruption.
  • The OST file may have been moved, deleted, or its path changed, causing Outlook to be unable to locate it.

How to Access OST file into Outlook data file Manually?

If you can access your Outlook account then you can follow the manual approach as we have mentioned here:

  • First, Launch Microsoft Outlook application and then go to the file.
  • Now, tap on open and export and hit on import/export.
  • Choose Export to a file and click the next button to continue.
  • Now, choose Outlook data file and press next to proceed.
  • Browse Outlook mailbox files as you want to download.
  • At final, press destination and press finish to get the result quickly.

Limitations of Manual Approach

  1. It will need lots of time and a very complicated solution.
  2. Users must be familiar with the technical information about Outlook.
  3. You cannot convert damaged, corrupted and overly large size OST files.

How to Access OST file into Outlook data file via Expert Recommended Approach?

As OST files get damaged due to any server failure or any other reasons then we recommend you to opt SysTools OST Converter as it can convert single or multiple OST files at single shot and also specially developed with the presence of technical experts and IT admins.

  • Download expert suggested software and open it on your computer.
  • Browse and upload OST files into the application.
  • Now, choose Outlook PST file in the various options of export type.
  • Finally, set path and press save to get the output file quickly.

Benefits of Expert Recommended Approach

  1. The secured mailbox data attributes remains the same as before the conversion.
  2. This wizard provides a user-friendly interface to easily handle all types of users.
  3. You can also restore and convert damaged, corrupted and overly large size OST files.
  4. With this wizard, you can also take advantage of the filter option to convert necessary data as per needed and also helpful to skip unnecessary files.
  5. This application is workable to import OST to Outlook.

Let’s Wind Up

In this post, we have explained all the effective and easiest techniques to access OST files into Outlook data files. We have also shared the Outlook inbuilt feature to resolve this error. If it’s not workable then we recommend you opt for a fully expert verified solution as we have shared in the past to complete the process without losing any single information.

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