can dogs eat veggie straws

Can Dogs Eat Veggie Straws?

Many people ask can dogs eat veggie straws? No! Dogs cannot eat veggie straws. These are harmful to your doggie’s health. These refreshments are very salty and cause salt poisoning in dogs. These snacks contain high-fat content and salts that’s why they shouldn’t give to your dogs. It may have little or no effect if consumed in small amounts.

What are the ingredients present in Veggie straws?

These appetizers are made up of potato and corn starch, oils in which they get fried, and artificial colors. These snacks contain a lot of salt. The veggie straws are made in the food industry and come in packed form. When you crush the potatoes into a powder form and blend these mashed potatoes with various food colors. Then after this process, thin hollow-shaped cylinders are used to shape these straws. In the end, veggie stalks are the first fry and then send for packaging. 

Are veggie straws harmful to dogs?

As discussed above, there are a lot of ingredients included in it but all of these are unhealthy. Some of these refreshments also include seasonings that may be safe for humans but not for canines. Too much salt is not good for your pup, because it causes salt poisoning and leads to other health damage.

Is potato unsafe for dogs?

Some people think that potatoes are safe for their doggies. But according to scientific research, potatoes lead to heart diseases. Potatoes cause dilated cardiomyopathy (heart enlargement) which may prove fatal for your doggie. Veggie straws contain a large amount of potato starch that leads to heart diseases, and metabolism problems. 

What are the bad effects of starchy food?

Potato starch is dangerous for your doggie’s health but corn starch does not have toxic or beneficial effects. Potato starch may cause digestion problems and leads to obesity. Many people think that like potato starch, corn starch is also harmful to your doggie’s health. Corn starch contains a high amount of carbohydrates. Carbs are necessary for daily energy requirements but an excessive amount of everything is not good.

Is oil good for your doggie’s health?

Oils are completely unsafe for dogs as well as for humans. You shouldn’t give fried food to your dogs. Oil leads to cardiovascular diseases and also gastrointestinal issues. Oils lead to obesity and pancreatitis and many stomach-related issues.

Is salt good for dogs?

Salt is not suitable for your dogs. Almost all people know the high intake of salt causes many issues like high blood pressure etc, in humans as well as in dogs. The high amount of salt causes high blood pressure which may lead to heart failure and damage to veins. Sodium chloride poisoning leads to dehydration and also kidney diseases. Too much sodium intake causes hypertension.

Are tomato paste and powder spinach dangerous for your dogs?

Too much spinach powder intake is unsafe for dogs because it contains oxalic acid which is harmful and causes kidney problems. Due to much intake of oxalic acid, kidney stones are formed. Tomato paste is non-toxic and harmful to dogs, but only if consumed in a balanced amount.


In the end, veggie straws are unsafe and toxic for dogs because of the ingredients present in them. So when you eat these veggie straws keep them away from your pup.

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