Southwest Flight status live

How do I check Southwest Flight status live

Passengers can check their Southwest Flight Status from the online website portal which is and other SW authentic sources. Before that it is also important to understand why they need to check Southwest Flight status.

Checking a Southwest Flight status is possible for getting the latest and updated knowledge of your Flight as it keeps you updated with the latest changes and modifications related to your Southwest flight.

Check Southwest Flight Status using SW Tracker

Southwest Flight tracker gives your ability and facility to check the Southwest Flight Status by entering its Flight number, flight confirmation number or route. In case if you do not have this information you won’t be able to get the details while these are convenient and you can check it from the ticket also. This information is required to get the accurate status update of any particular flight. In lack of this information, you won’t be able to get and collect the details of any particular SW flight.

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Check the Southwest Flight Status 

The best way to obtain the SW Flight Status is using the online website of or mobile application of the southwest to track or getting the exact status updates of the South west airlines, check the steps which are given below-

Find the website’s “Flight Status” section.
In the “Flight #” field, type your flight number. For instance, enter “126” in the field if your flight number is 126, for example.
Check the Flight number from your ticket to avoid mistakes. 

Make sure the airline field has “Southwest Airlines” selected. To see the current status of your flight, click the “Track” option.

Check SW Status by Route and arrival or departure details 

Customers should have the arrival and departure details for checking the status updates of the South West Airlines. In this case you can consider the below mentioned steps to check the status of a given airline. If you are aware of the airports of departure and arrival but not the flight number:
Navigate to the “Flight Status” area.
Select “By Route” from the given and available options.
Enter the airports of the Southwest Airlines flight you want to verify, including the departure and arrival.
Verify that the date matches the departure date of your flight given your current time zone. 

Check Using Flight Confirmation Number

Find the 13-digit Flight confirmation number in your ticket.

Enter this information in the portal to check the Flight Status of selected flights.

Now you can check the Flight Status which belongs to the entered information.

In case if you are getting an error instead of status it means you have selected the wrong Flight Confirmation number.

These are the common and popular ways of getting the Southwest Flight Status for any particular flight. Apart from that  you can check the SW flight status information after subscribing the notifications or connecting to the Customer care representative by dialing its customer care number and they will deliver you the updated status details.

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