Rice Purity Test

How does the work of the Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test is an exciting survey that contains 100 questions from different walks of life to determine your ‘purity’. Generally, the questions relate to romance, alcohol, police, etc. – typical college questions. Taking this test will be more fun than you think, and I am sure you will enjoy it.

I want to let you know that the Rice Purity Test was first introduced in 1924 at Rice University in Houston, Texas. In addition to testing how mature the O-week students are, it helped them bond with the senior groups.

In addition to Rice University, other colleges adopted this purity test, becoming Berkley Purity Test, UCLA, and many others.

What is the purpose of the Rice Purity Test?

The Purity Test has traditionally served this purpose as a bridge between O-week and real college life at Rice. Rice University is named after the university’s name. University or tertiary institutions conduct O-week (Orientation Week) before the start of the academic year. The O-Week experience at Rice is unlike any other college experience. The O-Week experience at Rice is unlike any different college experience.

How does this Rice Purity Test differ from others?

The Rice Purity Test was designed in late 2019 and launched on January 5, 2020, much earlier than most other online purity tests. In addition, we update the site regularly with new content. At least five websites have taken our design and content directly, so we’re confident in our work.

You can view fascinating statistics while taking this Rice Purity Test. Using Google Analytics, the data is anonymously collected. In addition to providing insights into Purity Test statistics, we offer many valuable statistics. As the original Rice Purity Test was created dozens of years ago, we made a few updates to make it more current. The test can also be used to determine whether or not you are “innocent.”

What is the Rice Purity Score?

The Rice Purity Test can determine your purity score by following the steps below.

  • Rice purity test to perform the test.
  • You can start the quiz by clicking on ‘Start Test’.
  • On the opened page, you will see a list of 100 questions.
  • You can now begin answering the questions. If your answer is Yes, click to tick the query; otherwise, do nothing and read the next question.
  • You must click ‘Calculate My Score’ at the bottom of the page after completing all 100 questions.
  • On the screen, you will see your Rice Purity Score.

This is a quick tip: 

If you want an accurate score, make sure you answer 100 questions. The questions are yours to respond to, so don’t lie!

How does Rice Purity Score work?

On a scale of 0-100, you will receive your purity score after completing the test. What does this score tell you about yourself? What does this number mean when it comes to your ‘purity’?

Here is a detailed explanation of the meaning of rice purity score meaning.

A score between 100 and 98 is:

If your score is 100 – 98, you are a very pure, innocent, and introverted person who is unlikely to socialize with older people. Maybe you are a young teenager taking the test for fun. 

A score between 97 and 94 is:

You also have a reasonably pure personality based on this score. There are almost no romantic experiences, and you are away from nasty things. All you’ve done in the name of ‘romance’ is hold hands or kiss (in some cases).

A score between 93 and 77 is:

Most US college students fall into this range if their rice purity score falls into this range. There have been a few relationships in your life, including romantic dates. In bed, you’re still away from being kinky.

If you are between 76 and 45:

You’ve accomplished quite a lot as a college student, with scores between 45 and 76. Whether you’ve gotten drunk or experienced sexual encounters, you’ve done it all. You are still sane enough to abide by the law and do illegal things.

The period between 44 and 9:

A score below 9 indicates that you love to live a wild lifestyle. No one would be surprised if they saw drugs or were caught by the police breaking the law. As well as experimenting in bed, you like to have fun with your partner.

What is the safety of the Rice Purity Test?

It is entirely safe to take the Rice Purity test. You only need to answer honestly. The questions are uncommon, so you should understand that it isn’t a bucket list you must complete to get a lower score.

How does this Rice Purity Test differ from others?

People who want to improve their relationships can use purity. It is a beautiful and natural food that everyone should enjoy. Using our test, you can determine how pure your Rice is.

You will be asked 100 questions about your life and habits in the Purity Test of Rice. Upon completing the examination, you can view your “purity score” and interesting statistics about each question.

How long are you going to wait?

Find out how pure you are by taking the Rice Purity Test today! Therefore, there is no way to link the test results to a specific individual. The Rice Purity does, however, provide many insightful statistics.

For example, we can see how many people have taken the test and their average score. Furthermore, we can see the percentage of people in each purity category. It has been an American tradition to perform the Rice Purity for decades.

A total of 100 questions about sexual activity and related topics are included in the test. Whether you are an individual or a couple, this course is for you. We have made some modifications to make the Rice Purity Test more applicable to today’s lives. We have removed outdated questions and added new ones that are more relevant today.

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