Assay Lab: The Heart of Biomedical Research and Development

Drug discovery and development is an ever-evolving domain. Hence, drug developers are constantly looking for partners that can meet and exceed their scientific goals and business demands. A comprehensive management strategy is crucial for achieving maximum performance with optimal value. However, developing and executing such a strategy requires expertise and the right combination of solutions provided together based on robust analytics. Assay labs are one such bioanalytical service for fulfilling scientific goals and demands. 

Assay bioanalytical laboratories support entire drug development requirements to ensure harmonized solutions through a combination of scientific prowess and industry knowledge. This combination allows drug developers to be economically robust without compromising services and products needed for maintaining operational capacities and competitive advantage. Working with such bioanalytical labs means customers and drug developers can focus on business goals while letting a partner laboratory perform bioanalytical studies. The current article dives deeper into the heart of assay labs and their commitment to advancing biomedical research and development.

Accelerating biomedical and drug development studies

Assay labs are focused on technical and high-quality services for understanding and addressing complex biomedical and drug development challenges. Their deep expertise in method development, validation, and transfer helps clients achieve reliable research in numerous therapeutic areas, such as rare diseases and oncology clinical studies. Assay labs provide bioanalytical services at every stage of drug development. 

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Bioanalytical laboratories have deep expertise, knowledge, and experience working with a broad spectrum of drug types, such as vaccines, biologics, small molecules, etc., across diverse therapeutic areas and technology. Importantly, they specialize in bioanalytical assays such as immuno-oncology assays, molecular genomics, cell-based assays, and much more. They offer a comprehensive range of bioanalytical solutions for advancing drug development and commercialization of clinical and nonclinical programs for all biopharmaceuticals. The expertise of bioanalytical laboratories include, but are not limited to:

  • Biologics and bioassays
  • Biomarker assays
  • Anti-drug antibody and neutralizing antibody assays
  • Pharmacokinetic services and toxicokinetic analysis
  • Preclinical and clinical assessments

A range of bioanalytical assays developed for multiple therapeutic areas and vast knowledge of clinical and preclinical management help assay labs deliver accurate and reliable results. Besides, with a team of professionals having extensive knowledge and experience in developing and validating bioanalytical assays in complex matrices such as serum, plasma, and tissue specimens, assay labs can effectively support drug developers with robust assays from early preclinical studies through different phases of clinical trials. 

Assay Labs provides comprehensive preclinical, discovery, and clinical phase bioanalytical assays to multiple global partners, helping them develop successful products and therapies for patients. Most importantly, assay labs comply with good laboratory practices and standard operating procedure requirements for delivering regulatory-compliant data. Besides, bioanalytical laboratories have an outstanding history with customer and regulatory agency inspection. Some key features include 24-hour card control access, central security alarms, rigorous standard operating procedures, temperature monitoring systems, etc. 


Assay labs are vital bioanalytical service providers. A robust and reliable bioanalytical laboratory partner is crucial for accelerating drug development programs. However, pharmaceutical companies and drug developers should have a basic understanding of their molecules and expected research goals to identify ideal partner laboratories for outsourcing their bioanalytical studies.