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Steal The Spotlight With The Best Logo Design Trends Of 2024

Logos are fashion motifs. They are not just images or patterns, but they are the face of a brand. Designers can cleverly use unique minimalist forms of art to convey a powerful message. Moreover, different color schemes, typographies, and line art are also helpful in communicating the style of the brand.

For instance, look at the simplistic logo of Nike. A beautifully curved tick and nothing else. Think of it again… a mere white tick, also known as ‘swoosh.’ It says so much beyond words. Firstly, it symbolizes the flexibility of an athlete; then, it also portrays greatness and progress. Hence, the mini design is enough to inspire an individual to reach excellence by pushing limits. Even the advertisements of Nike match this theme.

On the other hand, Nike is not alone in the race. The market is filled with unique logo examples like the half-bitten Apple, McDonald’s golden arches, and Target’s red bullseye. However, the contemporary designs that are trendy for 2024 are a step ahead of all of the above-mentioned ones.

Unraveling the Contemporary Logo Designs of 2024

If you are a logo designer or a professional book cover designer then this blog is a very helpful source of information for you. But before beginning to reveal the classic logo designs of the year 2024, we must know that new trends are being set in the market. Such as:

  1. Pixilation – Connecting Squares

Pixels are small squares that make up a big picture. You may also take them as creative tools of art. Moreover, they are also very cool and can come along to create text, images, and patterns of your choice. So, go for the retro vibe and use the tiny squares to create mindful logos. For instance, the logo of the video game Super Mario Bros. The letters of the emblem and even the Mario brother itself were made of pixels. This trend is still alive in 2024.

  • Fluoride – Extremely Colourful

Fluoride is a significant part of Fluorine crystals that melts easily. It is extremely colorful in its raw form and depicts shades of green and purple. They are quite vibrant, and perhaps that is why they go well in logos that need to be prominent. Moreover, they shine brighter under ultraviolet rays; thus, a unique concept came into being. Logos started to be made with flourished shades so that they light up in the dark due to the neon effect. This is a wild discovery! You can get help from logo design services to get yours in no time at all.

  • Doodles – Scribbling Mindfully

Next up is doodles. As simple as drawing playfully and in a much-unplanned manner. Letting the strokes do the magic. This freehand doodling is a perfect match for a brand targeting kids and teenagers, such as Barbie. It is for young females and is a cute doodle scribbling font. It displays femininity, dreams, and glam. Moreover, it also touches nostalgia in your head. It reminds you of adolescence. They carefree days! Thus, this logo design is also in for the year 2024. People need and want more of it.

  • Organic – Modern Natural

The term organic means fine lines, functional, and purposeful design. It also includes the usage of warm color tones to promote a homelike vibe. Moreover, there are fewer curves, which means there is modernity and a touch of sleekness. As a result, it appears more and more fragile and professional. For instance, the National Geographic logo. It has straight lines and minimalist typography. The small yet meaningful rectangular insignia is worth more than what it appears to be. It refers to the environment, map, beauty, nature, and so much more.

  • AI Drawing – Computer Generated

Another design trend that will rule in 2024 is computer-aided patterns. Many small business owners can go for this type, as it will cost them less than hiring a professional editor. Apart from this, it will also take much less time to prepare a logo than a customized one. All you have to do is enter your requirements and tell the bot about what typography you wish to add. The results will be exactly what you wanted them to be. Hence, this type of AI-created symbol will never leave the chat!

  • Hand Lettering – Creating Custom Style

This is the last and the most creative style of fashioning the insignias for any brand in 2024. Hand lettering can easily be confused with doodling, but it is a different concept. For this, you need experts in branding services in UAE. This freestyle of drawing alphabets any way you want is very flexible. Every alphabet has to have a unique notion and original style then, only the whole logo will match the vibe of the brand. For example, illustrations like these can be seen in Pepsi and Coca-Cola logos.

  • What is the next big design trend?

The next big trend for the year is the progression of 3D logos, especially in a bubbly style. The bubble effect looks festive and is sure to leave an interesting impact on potential customers.  

  • What is the color trend in graphics for the year?

The graphic color trend for 2024 is blue and yellow. They are the most popular color choices. Moreover, this beautiful scheme gives way to green as well.

  • Are Abstract gradients outdated?

Abstract gradient means one color turning into another on screen. This is an ongoing trend. Thus, it will only advance with time and technology.

  • What is the biggest challenge in logo design?

The biggest challenge for a designer is to lose the focus of what is trending and rather spend time setting a trend. To strike a fine balance between the two is quite hard.

Boiling It Down…

So far, we have understood that there are many types of fashion emblems that the world is asking for in 2024. However, in the text above we have closely discussed the six types. Namely, they are pixilation, fluoride, doodles, modern natural, AI-generated, and hand lettering.

All of these types are quite in for the current year and will be relevant in the upcoming year. Hence, you must get a handle on these styles of use them for any of your upcoming projects.