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IPL 2024 Fair Play Award: Winner, Points Table & Standings

Since its start in 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has revolutionised the game of cricket in the batting, bowling, and fielding benchmarking. The “Play Fair” ethos was also seen in the IPL, where the pursuit of individual brilliance took centre stage and received the prestigious “Fair Play Award.” An IPL “Fair Play Award” is awarded to the team that best upholds the highest standard of conduct and commitment to the total cricketing aspect. 

Now, we shall discuss the IPL Fair Play Award, the importance of the IPL Fair Play Award, the award-winning teams, and the present situation of the IPL 2023 Fair Play Award. 

Fair Play Award in IPL: How are Points Given?

The IPL Fair Play Award is a testimonial to the league’s commitment towards fair and honest competition. This award has been made not only for the performance of the team in the field but, most importantly, for conducting themselves in a manner befitting to represent the spirit of the game. The IPL encourages an ethos of integrity and sportsmanship within the game by rewarding teams who respect the players, their opponents, and the match officials.

A Meticulous Points System Determines the Fair Play Award in IPL

  • Teams can earn ten points per match, assessed by on-field and third umpires.
  • Four points are awarded based on a team’s adherence to the “spirit of the game,” as perceived by the umpires.
  • The other three criteria indicate respect for the opponent, cricket laws, and umpires. Each of the criteria might earn at most 2 points.
  • The team getting 2 points in a criterion means a “good” performance, 1 point a “mean,” and 0 points mean “average” or “bad” performance, respectively. 5. The Fair Play Award is given to the side with the highest average of points collected collectively during the season. It is decided as an average rating per match for fairness among all teams.

Recent Standings and Analysis: Commending Consistent Fair Play

Delhi Capitals were truly deserving winners of the Fair Play Award in the IPL 2023 season, having displayed exemplary behaviour during the tournament. Against all odds, they were consistent with their principles of fair play, winning the hearts of fans and critics who emphasised integrity on the field. Further, the standings table brings to the fore the unwavering efforts of teams like Gujarat Titans, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Mumbai Indians in holding high the values of playing by the rule book and displaying a collective commitment towards sportsmanship in the IPL ecosystem.

IPL Fair Play Award Table 2023

1Delhi Capitals1414110.07
2Gujarat Titans1717110.06
3Sunrisers Hyderabad141399.93
4Mumbai Indians161589.88
5Punjab Kings141389.86
6Chennai Super Kings161569.75
7Lucknow Super Giants151469.73
8Rajasthan Royals141339.50
9Royal Challengers Bangalore141309.29
10Kolkata Knight Riders141289.14

Notable Winners: Setting the Standard for Sportsmanship

Receiving the Fair Play Award six times in their short journey, Chennai Super Kings have set benchmarks in their own right and a benchmark for others in a great level of fair play in the league. Alongside CSK, there are teams like Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Mumbai Indians, who, in that order, have also clinched a couple of Fair Play Awards, thereby indicating the value in the IPL franchises is paramount across seasons. Analysing these teams’ performances, many fans are enthusiastic about Indian Premier League betting this season. 

IPL Fair Play Award Winners List From 2008 to 2023


With the world getting increasingly captured by the IPL phenomenon every year, the Fair Play Award has genuinely become the beacon of integrity, honouring and recognising those teams best epitomising the timeless values of cricket. In essence, it celebrates the core of sportsmanship and the spirit that lies beyond the fringes of competition but ensures respect and camaraderie between players. 

The IPL Fair Play Award embraces fair play, which, according to the league, is a philosophy whereby the true win does not lie in winning alone but in living in the spirit of cricket. As we take our journey into this tournament, the teams shall receive our applause for holding to the promise of a good game played in the right spirit and setting an example of cricketing excellence with honour.