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How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook?

Facebook is a very popular social media platform, and if you use it, then you must have often wondered who has blocked you on the platform.

Well, if you are keen to know about the same. Then this is the best blog for you to find out about the same. So without wasting time, let us get started to know how to know if someone blocked you on Facebook.

Find Out If You Are Blocked on Facebook 

Below are some of the ways that you can find out if you have been blocked on the platform or not.

Try to Tag That Person in Your Posts

The first way for you to find out is to try tagging someone on your Facebook posts. If you are able to tag them, then you are not blocked. But if you are not able to do so, then you are surely blocked on the platform.

Searching for That Person Using the Search Bar

The next way to see who blocked you on Facebook is to use the search bar to find out that person by putting his or her name in the search bar. If their profile appears in front of you, then you are surely not blocked. But if the case is reversed, then you are.

Using Some Other Profile to Look for That Person

Sometimes, the other person might have deactivated their account, which is why you are unable to find them. To confirm this, you can use someone else’s profile to search for that person. If the other profile is able to find the profile and you are not, then it means that you have been blocked.

Check Their Profile on Your Friend List

Another way to check if you are blocked on Facebook is to check your followers on Facebook. If the person was on your friend list, but now you are not able to find out who the person is or cannot see their profile. It means you have been blocked by the person.

Send Them a Message on Facebook Messenger

Here is one more method to check out: Send a message to the person on Facebook Messenger to check. If you are not able to send the message to the person or are facing an error. It probably means that you are blocked by the person.

Invite the Person to an Event

If you can’t invite the person to the event, that probably indicates that the person has blocked you. And you are not able to send them an invitation.

Check the Facebook Feed

Check the Facebook feed of the person. If you could see the posts of the person before and now you are not able to see their posts. It could be possible that you are blocked by the person. It can also happen that the person has not posted anything.

We hope that through the details mentioned in this blog. You have been able to learn how to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook.

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