5 Best Chants Prayers In Blasphemous 2, Ranked

From worst to best, these are Blasphemous 2’s best Chants and Prayers.

With the Chants and Verses, Blasphemous 2 makes the Prayer system better by giving players two types to choose from. Chants are stronger versions of Prayers and can be used in many ways. Both in fight and when you’re trying to sneak up on collectibles and hidden areas. These mostly come in the form of stronger magic attacks that can help you fight foes and bosses. Chants, on the other hand, take longer to make and often cost more Fervour.

Which of the Chants is the best for the Penitent One to use on his journey to beat The Miracle? These are the best Chants that players can use during their games.

Peteneras to the Burial of the Lights

The Penitent One executing the Peteneras to the Burial fo the Lights Chant

The Peteneras to the Burial of the Lights is the first Chant that players will come across during their games. When it’s cast, ghostly green flames will light up a long area in front of the Penitent One for a short time. As long as an enemy is in the area where the fires are. They will be hurt if they walk over them.

Players can get enemies to walk to the area on fire by using this Chant in places where they can’t go until they beat a certain number of enemies that keep popping up. One big problem is that it can only hit enemies that are on the ground. For enemies that are flying, players must use their chosen tool to knock them out of the air.

Mirabras of the Return to Port

The Penitent One executing the Mirabras of the Return to Port

Slowly making your way through Blasphemous 2 to find all of the hidden items and collectibles can get annoying when you have to go back to places you’ve already been to find those goodies. Luckily, the Mirabras of the Return to Port can be found. When players use this, they can move back to the City of the Blessed Name. Once players find the Shrines that let them quickly move from place to place, this comes in handy.

The Mirabras of the Return to Port can also be used in some battles that aren’t against bosses. If a player gets into a fight they’re not ready for, they can quickly use this Chant to get moved back to safety.

Debla of the Lights

The Penitent One executing Debla of the Lights Chant

The Debla of the Lights is one of the best Chants for moving things around on stage. Once this spell is cast, the Penitent One falls to the ground, and a huge column of light falls around them, covering a large area. As long as the pillar is on the screen, enemies that get caught in its light take a lot of magical damage. This Chant is very useful because it can hit bosses after they’ve done some of their strikes. It’s also great for getting rid of annoying flying enemies and enemies that are hard to reach in some places.

Once you can get into the Basilica of Absent Faces, you can buy this Chant from the Traveling Merchant. The fact that it takes a lot of Fervour to cast is a big problem. This can be easily fixed in some builds, though.

Chime of the Twisted One

The Penitent One executing the Chime of the Twisted One Chant

One of the most powerful Chants in Penalty Kick Online is the Chime of the Twisted One. All foes on the screen are hurt by the spectral chime that pops up and rings when the Penitent One casts this. You should use this powerful Chant when you have a lot of enemies to fight.

It can be tedious, though, to get this Chant to its fullest power. To use the ten secret symbols that are spread out across the map. Players must look for them and cast the Chime of the Twisted One. Once this is done, this Chant could eliminate any foes that dare to cross the Penitent One.

Seguiriya to the Memory of Your Eyes

The Penitent One executing Seguiriya to the Memory of Your Eyes Chant

Few Chants in the game can say that they can control the Seguiriya to the Memory of Your Eyes as well as this one. When this spell is cast, enemies on the screen are frozen in place for a few seconds, letting the Penitent One completely destroy them. This Chant is very helpful in boss fights. Because it lets players get a lot of shots in or use Bile Flasks to heal themselves if they’re getting hit hard.

People who want to get this amazing Chant will have to complete a long and difficult side quest in which they have to break the Curse of the Unforgiven. If players can finish this side quest, they will be paid with the best Chant in Blasphemous 2.

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