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Here is a list of the best My Hero Ultra Rumble team combinations, from worst to best.

Fans of Studio Bones’ My Hero Academia series can unlock and play as their favorite characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble. With so many fighters to choose from and more being added every season, My Hero Ultra Rumble fans may never run out of new ways to play and ways to keep the game interesting.

Friends, since My Hero Ultra Rumble is a team game at its core, gamers will want to pick the best My Hero characters that can work together in meta-defiant ways. In this way, each fighter on a team will be able to push the edges of each other’s skills—Plus Ultra!

Kaminari, Shiozaki, and Yaoyorozu

Ibara, Momo, and Denki
Denki KaminariStrike
Ibara ShiozakiSupport
Momo YaoyorozuSupport

The two Support heroes on this team are different, but together they have enough power to easily beat any enemy. Kaminari is one of the best Strike heroes that fans can play. He may be hard to learn, but he can do damage that is on par with Bakugo. Plus, Kaminari’s ability to paralyze enemies makes him a great ally, since other teammates can do even more damage to enemies who are immobilized.

As one of the best characters in the game, Shiozaki not only has very strong attacks, but also a Special Action that lets them cover an ally in thorns and quickly bring them back to life. Along with that, Shiozaki has an amazing 400 HP. The last person in this group is Yaoyorozu. She is a Support hero, but she can do so many different things that it feels like she is a skilled character that does a lot of damage. Yaoyorozu may eliminate enemies with her multi-attacks, and she can give items to her friends with her special move.

Uraraka, Mt. Lady, and Iida

Mt. Lady, Tenya, and Ochaco
Ochaco UrarakaRapid
Mt. LadyAssault
Tenya IidaRapid

A lot of My Hero Ultra Rumble figures have abilities that let them do terrible damage to an area, but not all of them can do it all the time. You could team up with Mt. Lady or Kirishima and those characters, mostly Rapid models, would be great. People think that Mt. Lady is one of the best heroes in the game, and she usually fights up close because she can turn into a giant. Then, with her huge attacks, she can take over places. Uraraka and Iida are both Rapid figures, which means they are very good at quickly getting to faraway places.

Uraraka’s Zodiac Wires give her some of the best speed in My Hero Ultra Rumble, and her Nebulous Space Quirk Skill lets her set up powerful AoE buffs. Even though Iida is a Rapid hero, he is also a Support on this team because he can carry a downed partner on his back and bring them back to life. This team, which is made up of Uraraka, Iida, and Mt. Lady, has a lot of reach-around, which lets them overwhelm other teams nearby.

Bakugo, Asui, and Cementoss

Cementoss, Bakugo, and Tsuyu
Katsuki BakugoStrike
Tsuyu AsuiRapid

It’s possible that Bakugo is one of the most “broken” characters in Spacebar Clicker, but he can still beat an enemy team by himself. Bakugo may only need a Support hero and a Rapid character because they can do so much damage to one, two, or even three enemies in such a short amount of time. That doesn’t mean those Support/Rapid fighters wouldn’t do anything to heal and recover Bakugo; but making sure the Strike character stays alive will make it much easier to win.

Asui is very good at moving around the map, and he has a great skill called “Revive” that can quickly heal allies and carry them around. Asui also has a lot of damage to deal, so she can fight enemies by herself. The Support character Cementoss is very strong, and they can build walls and supports to attack or defend.

Shigaraki, Dabi, and Mr. Compress

Shigaraki, Mr. Compress, and Dabi
Tomura ShigarakiStrike
Mr. CompressSupport

One big difference between the heroes and foes in My Hero Ultra Rumble is that the villains are much stronger. With Shigaraki’s high damage efficiency, Dabi’s ability to surprise enemies, and Mr. Compress’s support-related skills, this bad guy team can do more than a random group could. Shigaraki most often hits his enemies from close range when he leads a group into battle, so he needs at least one other fighter to help him get through a fight alive.

In this case, Mr. Compress would be the Support character on this team who helps Shigaraki’s skills as a Strike character. Mr. Compress’s unique power to heal and hold on to allies works great with a close combatant like Shigaraki. For the most part, Dabi uses heavy cover fire and sets up traps all over the battlefield to catch the other side off guard.

Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki

Katsuki BakugoStrike
Izuku MidoriyaAssault
Shoto TodorokiStrike

Two of the main characters and three of the best heroes in Class 1-A are Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki. In My Hero Ultra Rumble, they can all easily beat other teams. Their Quirk a, which is basically their long attack, is the most important part of this team. Each team member has a unique skill that lets them fire a fast weapon that does a lot of damage to an enemy.

These three can hit from far away, so no one else can beat them. Deku, Bakguo, and Todoroki can all do a lot of damage from a distance, but they also have pretty smart moves that let them get around enemies and do a lot of damage in other ways.Overall, the best thing about this team is that they deal a lot of damage to single targets.

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