6 Great RPGs That Combine Technology And Magic

Magic and technology are mixed in RPGs like Final Fantasy and The Witcher to make interesting worlds and games.

Building worlds is an important part of role-playing games. It’s a big part of getting fans into a scene and the story that happens there. They do come in a lot of different styles, though. The developers might choose a fantastical world that is based on Europe in the Middle Ages. If not, they might choose a sci-fi method. Both aesthetics are true and full of possibilities, but who says they can’t go hand in hand?

Some RPGs have both magic and technology. The past of the game is often based on this mix, which makes for interesting world-building. It also brings a breath of fresh air to the game play. It’s surprising that both of these results are enough to interest players. Magic and science are fundamentally at odds with each other, but combining them can make a more interesting whole.

The Final Fantasy Series

Magitek armor in Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy started out in the Middle Ages, but more and more of its main games have become sci-fi. They can still cast magic like Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and more. They just live in cities that look like they’re from the future or an industrial age. In Final Fantasy 8, 12, and 13, this is the case. These things sometimes go together. Sakura, a type of planetary energy that powers tools and makes it easier to use spells, is mined in Final Fantasy 7. But things don’t always go so well in the relationship.

Games like Final Fantasy 6 are about how the two forces are at odds with each other. The Gestahlian Empire’s efforts against the legendary Espers got rid of most of the magic in the world. The oppressive group keeps its power through magitek, a technology that is used to silence any resistance. Final Fantasy is always surprising fans by taking such different methods to magic and technology.

The Witcher Series

A mutation lab in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It is mostly a high fantasy world in both the books and the games, though it is very racist. People, elves, dwarves, and other creatures live there. Despite their biases, they all have one thing in common: monsters are bothering them. We need science to help us with that.

Back in the day, mages started to try to make stronger fighters so they could fight monsters. They gave the subjects different herbs and chemicals that changed their bodies. They finally created witchers, which are humans with enhanced power, senses, and reflexes. Because the method worked so well, it was kept up for years. Because of this, witcher safe spaces like Kaer Morhen have fully filled labs. It’s too easy for this to go wrong, though, and damage people beyond repair. That’s why the labs were destroyed or hidden a long time ago.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Force Lightning in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

An alien world in a galaxy far, far away is one of the most famous places in all of fantasy. There are many planets in Star Wars, and the cultures on them are at different stages of development. They have starships, hovercrafts, laser blasters, and other common things in this type of game. Of course, lightsabers, the laser swords that the brave Jedi Knights use, are the most famous toys. There are stronger tools than the blades, though.

The Force keeps these guards alive. This strange energy field connects the galaxy and everything that lives in it. It helps the Jedi improve their speed, strength, and reactions. It also gives them control over the world around them. They can do a lot of different tricks, from floating things to shooting lightning. People who have these skills are feared and respected.

Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura

A battle and a Dwarf in Arcanum

In the real world, the Industrial Revolution was a big deal, so it makes sense that it would have the same effect in a story. Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura takes place in a world where magic gives way to science slowly. That it has a lot of spells and a lot of new things, like trains, zeppelins, and guns. Of course, these aren’t just scenery.

Geometry Dash World actively looks at the gap between these two groups. On each side, there are groups of people who look down on people from the other side or who are not in their group. Machines work by using natural forces to get things done. Magic, on the other hand, goes against natural rules and should be punished. On the other hand, people whose societies were based on magic feel that the hatred and rejection make them less important in the world.

World Of Warcraft

A Gnome in World of Warcraft

There is another game called World of Warcraft that shows its high fantasy roots. It is a spinoff from the Warcraft series. It has different kinds of people, elves, orcs, and other strange animals. Most of them use their own types of magic, but some find a different way.

In line with their genre, Dwarves and Gnomes are known for being technically creative. They don’t need axes and shields because they can shoot pistols, rifles, and other guns instead. This makes it easier for them to really beat sorcerers. What’s more, it moves WOW away from its ancient roots and toward modern war.

The Phantasy Star Series

The party in Phantasy Star Online 2

There are a lot of parallels between the Phantom Star series and Star Wars. It is a different world with many planets that are all equipped with high-tech gadgets. Additionally, there are artists among the people. Still, special skills are usually caused by genes. Magic users pass on their magic to their children and grandchildren. For everyone else, science is the only thing that will do: guns, bombs, swords with electricity, and other tools.

As the game has gone on, Phantom Star has added new ways to make its world better. The characters have not only made androids, but also genetically modified people. As normal, these specimens have enhanced abilities, such as the ability to use magic.

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