7 Best Weapons In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

In Resident Evil 7, Ethan has to use a lot of weapons to get past all the enemies that are in his way. These are good options for players who want to win.

There are scary things inside the Baker house in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and players have to face them all by themselves. There are times when a friendly figure shows up, but this is only a short break before Jack comes back to bother players again. People who play in this nightmare will need all the help they can get because the odds are against them. It’s the same in this Resident Evil game: the tool you carry is your best friend.

As players progress through Resident Evil 7, they slowly build up a small arsenal of weapons. Every weapon has pros and cons, and there will always be one that works better in a certain setting than another. These are the best weapons, and they will make Ethan’s chances of living much better.

P19 Machine Gun

P19_Machinegun re7
  • Damage per shot : 50
  • Magazine : 64

Everyone will want to get the P19 Machine Gun as soon as possible so they can fire properly. With this tool, it’s easy to set a goal; it teasingly stands behind a cage. Even though the P19 Machine Gun doesn’t do as much damage per round as handguns, it’s still a good gun.

Compared to weapons that fire more slowly but do more damage, this one shoots quickly and makes it easier to aim all of your shots. Also, it’s one of the few pieces of real military weapons in Resident Evil 7. There’s no need to worry about this gun because the bullets are easy to find and store.

G17 Handgun

RESIDENT-EVIL-7-biohazard_20170124231019-1 g17
  • Damage per shot : 100
  • Magazine : 10

And it turns out that one of the first guns players can get is already one of the best in Resident Evil 7. Ethan keeps getting bigger and better guns, but the G17 handgun still looks good late in the game and doesn’t go out of style very often.

The G17 does pretty good harm. It’s also by far the best tool for fighting the game’s normal Molded enemies. In turn, this lets players save their bullets for the bigger guns, which are better at dispatching bosses. The G17 is a good choice in any situation because it can also be used as a fear weapon.

M19 Handgun

  • Damage per shot : 120
  • Magazine : 7

People who think the G17 isn’t quite good enough can take the M19 Handgun instead. It is more accurate and has more power. Even though it has a smaller clip, the damage from M19 rounds is 20% greater than that of G17 rounds, so it more than makes up for it.

When fighting Molded, players can definitely use this higher damage, since some fights might not need an extra shot, especially if the Molded player has less than 100 health left. Also, compared to the G17, the M19’s special ammunition does a lot more harm. If a player has any special bullets laying around, they should use the M19 to fire them.

Albert 01R

Albert_01 in re7
  • Damage per shot : 200
  • Magazine : 3

Arnold Wesker’s signature gun, and it’s one of the best guns in Resident Evil 7 in terms of damage and speed. Some people might think the magazine size is silly, but Wesker’s gun does twice as much damage as a normal pistol.

With better ammo, the Albert 01R can even do about half as much damage as the most powerful gun in Resident Evil 7—the 44 Magnum. Wesker’s gun is a real contender here, but only if players can handle the high recoil and small magazine size.

M21 Shotgun

M21_Shotgun in re7
  • Damage per shot : 80 per pellet; 800 total if all pellets hit
  • Magazine : 2

The M21 Shotgun is a standard over-and-under design that duck hunters and skeet shooters often use. Its pellets do the same amount of damage as those from the pump shotgun or the M37, but the M21 has one more bullet because its spread is more concentrated. As a result, this focused pellet spread also helps the gun’s longer range.

Not only does the M21 do more damage per shot than the pump shotgun, but it also has a stronger kick that will consistently knock enemies back. The only bad thing about it is that it needs to be reloaded more often because it has two barrels. That doesn’t really matter because this tool usually throws off targets.

Grenade Launcher

  • Damage per shot : 800-2400
  • Magazine : 1

In Resident Evil 7, the Grenade Launcher is a strong tool. It will be best to save it for the most dangerous fights. Because each explosive round from the Grenade Launcher can do a lot of damage, based on how it hits.

There is only one round it can shoot before it needs to be reloaded, which is another reason for Geometry Dash Lite players to save it. The Grenade Launcher works best when fighting bosses. It works especially well against Jack’s end form, which has a ridiculously high health level. In this kind of fight, each hit from a Grenade Launcher is very helpful.

44 MAG

  • Damage per shot : 1200
  • Magazine : 7

Magnum, or 44 MAG, is by far the most powerful gun in Resident Evil 7. The Magnum does more damage per round or per magazine than any other weapon. Because of this, ammo for the 44 MAG is very hard to come by and is usually only bought by players or collectors who are really interested.

After looking around a lot and collecting enough Antique Coins, you’ll get an exact hand cannon that can eliminate Molded enemies with a single shot. Sad to say, it doesn’t look like a normal Magnum revolver, but players can easily overlook that flaw because the weapon’s power more than makes up for it.

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