5 Best Ways To Level Up Fast In Icarus, Ranked

It’s not easy to stay alive in the world of Icarus, but players will have a much better chance if they start leveling up right away.

In Icarus, players will need to make new technologies to help them and their friends stay alive in the harsh and oppressive world. Additionally, players can move up in their own personal trees by getting more experience. This is necessary to learn new skills and abilities that will help them deal with anything the world throws at them.

A player needs to level up in order to do things like build a campfire to stay warm in cold places or even a simple bow that can be used for hunting. To avoid being caught off guard, it’s best to know the fastest and most reliable ways to gain EXP. Here are the best ways to quickly level up in Icarus, a famous PVE survival game.

Start Mining As Soon As Possible

Fire Torch Lighting Up A Mine

The stone pickaxe can be made very early on, at Tier 1 of the Tech Tree. It only takes a few bits of fiber, sticks, and stones to make. So it’s a must-have tool that should always be made very early in the game. After making something, all players have to do is go to a rocky mine and keep working. Deep mines can be found in all types of landscapes, even the arctic and deserts. However, they are most often found in caves and woods.

In the beginning of the game, mining quickly will help you level up because it gives you experience points. Later on, you can use these experience points to buy better pickaxes that will make leveling up even easier. It may not be the most exciting or interesting way to get experience. But it helps you move through the Tech and Talent trees at the beginning of the game.

Hunt Down Wolves

Player Aiming A Bow At A Wolf

There are wolves all over the arctic biomes of the map. They can be very dangerous if you run into a pack of them. But dispatching them quietly makes catching them much easier and gives the player a lot of XP each time they do it. It’s always a good idea to sneak up on a few wolves once the player gets to this cold part of the map. Skinning them will even give a little extra XP on top of that.

Still, players should make sure they are well-prepared before going into the cold arctic. For example, they could stock up on flatbread and meat, which will heal and restore energy. Along with the bow, it’s also important to bring the right clothes and maybe a sharp tool in case things get uncomfortable.

Construct Huts And Houses

Stone House In Icarus

At first glance, unlocking construction parts and tools on the Tech Tree might not seem like the most important thing to do. Especially since the session-based gameplay loop makes building pretty much pointless. But doing some DIY and building a small hut or house can earn you a lot of EXP very quickly. This is a great plan to try early in Funny Shooter 2 since wooden structures become available when you reach level five.

It’s also helpful to have a base where you can store any items or supplies you find in the wild. It also gives you a place to start when you get lost and helps you find your way back. When making a permanent base of operations, the best materials to use will be concrete building pieces. Because they are very strong, keep heat in very well, and can even stand up to strong storms.

Cut Down Trees

Player Chopping Down A Tree

Even though cutting down a few trees doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing to do. It’s a quick and easy way to level up that doesn’t require many tools or other materials. Still, cutting down trees will use up a lot of stamina. Instead of waiting for it to recover, it might be better to walk around between breaths and look for fiber or sticks that can be used to make extra tools later on.

It’s helpful to have some snacks on hand because they will help you keep going. Having some Talents can also make this a lot more fun and satisfying. Lumber Yield will raise the amount of wood that can be obtained from cutting down trees, and Movin’ Wood will lower the weight of wood in the player’s collection, which is helpful when cutting down a lot of trees at once.

Choose The Right Talents

Talent Tree In Icarus

There are over 100 Talents to choose from in the Talent Tree. Which is where players can make their character exactly how they want it. However, it can be hard to tell which ones are worth using and which ones aren’t. However, if you want to level up quickly, it’s best to get Talents that make your character faster. Examples of these are Speed Chopper and Speed Mining, which make gathering materials quite easy.

Another useful talent is one that raises your energy. This will make almost all tasks easier because you won’t have to take as many breaks. Which is one of the main reasons why getting EXP feels like such a chore in the first place. You can do this best with Marathon Runner, but Chase ‘Em Down is also great for anyone who wants to harm animals to get experience.

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