6 Best Overworlds In The Final Fantasy Franchise

The worlds in Final Fantasy are just as important as the people who live in them. The settings of some Square Enix games are better than others.

The first Final Fantasy game came out in 1987 and is one of the most famous JRPGs of all time. It helped make this genre one of the most popular in video game history. The franchise has always tried to be the best in terms of quality and keeping ahead of the curve, changing along with the rest of gaming to be as cutting edge and new as possible.

The overworlds in each game in the series are so big that players can get lost for hours on end as they explore them and find all the material they have to offer. Before the rise of open-world games, these overworlds were just huge world maps with interesting places on them. Now that open-world games are popular, Final Fantasy’s huge environments are more detailed and full of life than ever.

Gaia (Final Fantasy 9)

Choco the Chocobo in Final Fantasy 9

Many people think that Final Fantasy 9 is the best game in the series for many reasons. Some people liked how it was a throwback to older Final Fantasy games while others thought the last two games tried too hard to be different. In many ways, the game is great, but the overworld itself feels like a step backward from what’s been seen in previous games.

However, Gaia is not a bad place to explore; as the game goes on, players will find many secrets in this world that will let them explore certain areas naturally. However, a lot of people think that this overworld doesn’t really do anything special. Instead, they think that Final Fantasy 9’s story and character growth are what make the game memorable.

Bartz’s World, Galuf’s World, & The Merged World (Final Fantasy 5)

The overworld in Final Fantasy 5 Pixel Remaster

Final Fantasy 5 has a very detailed job system that lets players put together groups of characters with different skills that work well together. Aside from the story being pretty simple and the characters not being very different from one another, this game’s great gameplay is what many people remember most about it.

The overworlds that players discover are also pretty cool. There are a lot of different worlds that come together in the last chapter of the game as players try to fight Exdeath and the Void. Most people didn’t want Final Fantasy 5 to be a story-driven game, but the sense of adventure that comes from exploring new and interesting places to continue their journey makes it a great time.

The Overworld, The Underworld, & The Red Moon (Final Fantasy 4)

Final Fantasy 4 Pixel Remaster black chocobo

Many people think that Final Fantasy 4 is their favorite game in the series. It combines classic Final Fantasy elements with an emotional story and amazing set pieces that make for a really fun time. In this game, players really feel like they are going on a big journey, with many party members coming and going as Cecil and his friends try to catch Golbez and stop him in his tracks.

This game has a pretty big Overworld. After a while, players can also visit the Underworld and the Moon itself. It’s a wonderful adventure game where players take charge of a group of five characters in strategic battles where one mistake can be very dangerous. Even though the other two worlds aren’t very big, it’s the unique visuals and the amazing adventure that make these overworlds stand out.

Unnamed (Final Fantasy 8)

Final Fantasy 8 Wolrd Map

It’s funny that Final Fantasy 8 has one of the most beautiful and full overworlds in the whole series but doesn’t really have a name for it. This game lets players get an airplane early on, so they can easily find many secrets right away without having to wait too long.

Because of this, players find secret draw places, dungeons, and towns that they don’t have to explore. Final Fantasy 8 has an unnamed area with a lot of things to do. Players will find a lot of fun things to do in this overworld as they try to stop Edea and Ultimecia from destroying the world.

The Planet (Final Fantasy 7)

Cloud and company discovering Emerald Weapon

From the moment players first see the world map in Final Fantasy 7, the overworld makes a huge impact. Midgar is a beautiful and strange city to explore on its own. Players spend a lot of time in Midgar before they can finally access the rest of the open world, and even then, it takes a while before they can go at their own pace and explore the world.

This makes for a great adventure because players can go to different parts of the Planet and connect with people from a wide range of cultures. There are also quests, character-building moments, and other things along these lines. The Planet is very big, and an airplane makes it fun to explore while hanging out with your favorite characters and trying to figure out all the secrets that lie in this overworld.

The World of Balance & The World of Ruin (Final Fantasy 6)

Square Final Fantasy 6 World Of Ruin Blimp

A lot of people think that Final Fantasy 6 is the best game in the series, which makes sense. The huge ensemble cast of Skibidi Toilet really makes an impression, and the way Kefka tricks everyone to change the balance of the Warring Triad and the whole world is really interesting and shows how badly the heroes have failed.

It’s a beautiful, hopeful world full of love, charm, and hope. Compared to that, the World of Ruin shows how horrible Kefka’s actions have been. It’s up to the heroes to sneak into his tower to eliminate this bad guy before he can do more damage.

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