Ranking 7 Best Handguns In Endless Dungeon

In Endless Dungeon, these are the best handguns to use.

In Endless Dungeon, the eight characters are split into two groups based on the tools they can use. Heavy weapons and pistols fall into these groups. Crow, Bunker, Shroom, and Fassie are the figures who carry handguns.

All of these characters have very different ways of playing that focus on buffs and debuffs. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t do damage, and it’s important to have the right tool! There are many weapons out there. Which one is the best, and when is the best time to use it?


Endless Dungeon Shocker Electric Weapon Workshop Menu

In the early floors of Endless Dungeon, the Bots are a popular type of enemy. An electricity handgun is one of the best ways to fight these enemies.

One great choice for this is the Shocker. The lower stats of this electricity gun might not be as strong as they could be in later rounds, but for most of the game, it will be easy to eliminate the weaker Bots with it.

When To Use The Shocker

You can give this weapon to a light character that you are not directing so that they can use it. It will be even better if you build them with important changes, because that’s where this gun really shines.


torchlight weapon in endless dungeon being sold by merchant

One of the more interesting handguns in Endless Dungeon is the Torchlight. It doesn’t shoot; instead, it sends out a cone-shaped wave of light all the time. A lot of damage is done by this cone of light, which is great for catching slower Blur enemies and destroying their health.

It doesn’t have a very long range, so be careful when you get too close. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a simple and useful pick.

When To Use The Torchlight

If you’re camping out at a Blur spawn place, this is a great weapon to have because it can eliminate a lot of them without drawing too much attention to yourself. But since it doesn’t knockback at all, it might not be the best choice for following the Crystal Bot.


Endless Dungeon Metataser Electric Weapon Workshop Menu-1

It’s hard to deal with Bots because so many of them can come at once. So, the Metataser is a great choice if you want to get through groups without getting hurt too much.

The Bots are thrown off by its very high knockback, which makes a way for you to move through.

When To Use The Metataser

This will work great on the first few floors, where there are a lot of weak Bots. But on the later floors, it will be better for controlling the crowd than doing damage.


sprayer weapon in endless dungeon workshop

Some of your light characters will start out with the Sprayer, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good choice. It’s because it’s very simple to use, which makes sense for a guide weapon.

Even though the range is wide, it has good knockback and DPS. If you can find a rarer version of this weapon during your run, it’s a great neutral choice.

When To Use The Sprayer

When you use a light character, this is a good choice for your busy character. Make sure to use it along with your skills to get the most out of what it can do.


Endless Dungeon Sparkler Fire Weapon Workshop Menu

In Endless Dungeon, bugs are some of the most annoying enemies, so the Sparkler is a great way to get rid of them.

You can get a lot of damage from it, and the knockback is really good for a pistol. Even though it fires a little more slowly, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem since it does so much damage.

When To Use The Sparkler

This is a great way to keep Bugs away from your Crystal Bot and control the crowd where they normally grow. Still, don’t use this weapon to follow the Crystal Bot around because its range isn’t great for covering multiple directions.

Ray Gun

ray gun weapon in endless dungeon workshop

The Ray Gun is one of the most fun and useful light weapons in Wordle Unlimited. Its long range makes it ideal for finding Blurs that are hidden.

It can be hard to hit an invisible Blur, so the Ray Gun’s wide and long range makes it easy to see them. Even though it doesn’t do a lot of damage, its high fire rate and strong knockback more than make up for it.

When To Use The Ray Gun

This is a great choice for a character who patrols hallways where you know Blurs are likely to be. To keep the Blurs away from the Crystal Bot, make sure you use the whole range of this gun to push them back.


needler weapon in endless dungeon workshop

Having an acid tool like the Needler for eliminating blobs is a great idea because they are very annoying to deal with in Endless Dungeon.

Like the Sprayer, this weapon is easy to use, but its preference for acid and well-balanced stats make it even better at defeating Blobs.

When To Use The Needler

Because it can be used in a lot of different ways, this is a good choice for your active character who will have to run around the map to eliminate any Blobs that got through the walls.

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