The 7 Best Spells In WitchSpring R, Ranked

WitchSpring R’s list of powerful spells makes the game feel very witchy, with everything from explosive magic to charms that do useful things.

With its bright art style and easygoing story, WitchSpring R does a great job of giving players a new and magical experience. Some games go too far with their spells and fight systems, but WitchSpring R keeps things simple and easy, letting players experience what it’s like to be a young witch named Pieberry and improve her magic.

Even more amazing is WitchSpring R’s ability to create a calm atmosphere while still letting players feel strong as they improve their spell casting skills. Many powerful spells can be learned and added to Pieberry’s magical arsenal as the player grows and learns with her.

Mind Control Pattern

WitchSpring R Pieberry Mind Control Circle

The Mind Control Pattern spell is useful, but it doesn’t do much harm. You can get it early on as a drop after beating Alfredo in the Black Witch Forest. In WitchSpring R, the young witch faces unique monsters that she can tame and keep as pets.

Without the Mind Control Pattern spell, you would not be able to capture these pets, which makes them very useful friends both in and out of battle. Because of this, the Mind Control Pattern spell is without a question one of the best in WitchSpring R. Even though it only does a small amount of Spell Damage.

4-Orb Flame Circle

WitchSpring R Pieberry 4 Orb Flame Circle

4-Orb Flame Circle is a strong spell that young witches use all the time in the early game. It can wipe out tough enemies in one hit. The 4-Orb Flame Circle can hit up to 4 picked enemies and heal them for 20 plus 70% of Pieberry’s total MAG. It can also burn an enemy for one tick at the beginning of their turn.

There are times when the 3-Orb Flame Circle’s AoE is more useful. But the 4-Orb Flame Circle does more damage and is a much better way to eliminate tougher early-game enemies. In WitchSpring R, Black Joe helps Pieberry learn how to make this spell.

3-Fork Lightning Circle

WitchSpring R Pieberry 3 Fork Lightning Circle

The 3-Fork Lightning Circle is a great early-game spell that does about as much damage as the 4-Orb Flame Circle. It can be found in a chest in the Arua Temple next to the Lightning Magic Spellbook. Lightning skills naturally use more MP than fire spells. But Black Joe said they are great for eliminating steel enemies because they do more damage.

The 3-Fork Lightning Circle deals 60 + 200% of Pieberry’s MAG damage and costs 30 MP to cast. When used with the Lesser Booster Circle from the Secondary Circles Spellbook. Which can also be found in the Arua Temple, the 3-Fork Lightning Circle makes the early game very easy. The 3-Fork Lightning Circle not only zaps targets with a blast of lightning energy. But it also hurts any close enemies. This makes it great for going after bosses and dispatching mobs at the same time.

Advanced Booster Circle

WitchSpring R Pieberry Support Circle Crafting

The Advanced Booster Circle is a great support circle that Pieberry can add to her spells to make them much better. It’s also a great utility spell. Because it boosts damage by 130%, the Advanced Booster Circle makes any spells it’s attached to much stronger. It only needs to be crafted once to be connected to all of Pieberry’s spells and boost their damage.

The Advanced Booster Circle can be made from the Secondary Circles Spellbook in the Arua Temple. It needs one Advanced Magic Slab and one Lavastein Core. This spell can be used with late-game skills like the 7-Fork Lightning Circle to quickly and easily beat anyone who dares to cross the young witch. Players should be aware, though, that putting this spell on Magic Slabs will raise its MP cost by 100 and 29% of its total MP cost.

Advanced Focus Circle

WitchSpring R Pieberry Crit Spell Animation

As Pieberry goes further on her journey, magic can cost a ridiculous amount of MP. This is why the Advanced Focus Circle is so helpful. Pieberry can rain fire down without worrying about losing too much MP. Because the cost of a spell has been cut by 30%.

The Advanced Focus Circle can be made with 1 Advanced Magic Slab, 1 Giant Dark Magic Stone, 2 Love Antlers, and 80 Clear Crystals. It can be found in the Secondary Circles Spellbook. The Secondary Circles Spellbook is in a chest in the Arua Temple that is guarded by three Lightning Blue Crabs. It can be used to make both Intermediate Magic Slabs and Advanced Magic Slabs.

7-Orb Flame Circle

WitchSpring R Pieberry Crafting

7-Orb Flame Circle, the highest level Flame Pattern, does a huge amount of damage. The 7-Orb Flame Circle does 600 flat damage to enemies and also does 600% of Pieberry’s MAG damage for each hit. After being made with 1 Advanced Magic Slab, 1 Lavastein Core, 1 Giant Dark Magic Stone, and 1 Zirconia, the 7-Orb Flame Circle is one of Pieberry’s most powerful spells in Happy Wheels. It was meant to be used late in the game.

Since each cast costs 400 MP, players who want to spam this ability will need to either train Pieberry’s MP or craft the Spell Slab and use any of the Focus Circles on it to lower its total MP cost. With her Fire Magic Spellbook, Pieberry can make the 7-Orb Flame Circle.

7-Fork Lightning Circle

WitchSpring R Pieberry 7 Fork Lightning Circle Crafting

The 7-Fork Lightning Circle is like Pieberry’s 7-Orb Flame Circle, but it’s made of lightning instead of fire. Its base power is 700 plus 620% of Pieberry’s MAG, which is crazy. Lightning magic is naturally stronger than fire magic and is great at destroying enemies. The following things are what Pieberry will need along with her Lightning Magic Spellbook to make this spell.

Pieberry probably won’t have to cast the 7-Fork Lightning Circle more than a couple of times before it wipes out the area. Even though it costs 500 MP each time. Still, players can lower the cost of magic by putting a Focus Circle on the Spell Slab or training Pieberry’s MP through the training mini-games.

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